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Open House Investigation

Our next Open House Investigation at the Old Yoakum Hospital is (pending) from 8pm to 2am. To keep the integrity of our investigations we try to keep the number of attendees small, preferably under 15 people in the hospital at a time, anymore than that noises tend to carry between floors and contaminate our recorders making it difficult to separate sounds. Depending on how many people arrive, we divide into 2 groups, each group has a team leader and will investigate using your or our equipment as needed.

We require that all persons attending be over 18 years old and fill out a release of liability waiver which is located at our website here. There is a $30 per person donation that can be donated at the door the night of the investigation. We can take cash or check or even a credit card at the door. Your donation is to compensate the owners of the property for access and for us to raise money to purchase new equipment, our goal is to purchase sophisticated video equipment for our investigations and help the owners raise money for building maintenance and repairs.

The Old Yoakum Hospital is not a haunted house/entertainment venue or attraction, this is a serious paranormal investigation at a privately owned property.

The hospital is not open to the general public, it is available for lease to legitimate paranormal groups by appointment only. OYHG is the official contact/management of the hospital for the owners. We (Old Yoakum Hospital Group) have made arrangements to allow interested individuals into the hospital with us for our Open House Investigations at least once a month for fund raisers.

If you are a Film Production or Paranormal Group that would like more information about leasing the Old Yoakum Hospital for a private investigation/filming please contact us for all the details.

The hospital is no longer a commercial property it is a privately owned homestead for the purpose of paranormal research only at this point in time, or until the owners decide otherwise. The hospital is not in working condition, there is limited electricity inside but no working restrooms or climate control. Some areas of the hospital are very dusty and moldy at times, be aware of this. Please plan accordingly when visiting. We have a portable toilet on site for emergency purposes. You assume all responsibility for yourself and accept all risks involved upon entering the property.

On our Open House Investigations, we normally arrive by 6pm to set the building up, you may arrive anytime after 7pm. We will start the investigation no later than 9pm and will end at 2am. You will be allowed to walk through the building to see the areas that we will investigate and let you see that we have not set anything up to make you think it is not a real investigation. Please be aware that a real paranormal investigation may not be like the TV shows, it is similar but there may be times during an investigation that are very boring and non-suspenseful until activity may or may not happen. Most investigations we feel we did not hear or see any activity until we review our audio and or video.

If we capture any evidence we will post it on the Old Haunted Yoakum Community Hospital Facebook page.


1. Have a release of waiver of liability on file with us.

2. You are not required to enter the property you are fully aware that you enter at your own risk.

3. You may leave at any time just check out with your team leader.

4. You accept any and all responsibility for your activities on the property and that we are not held responsible for any loss,damage or illness whatsoever.

5. You can bring any device that you think will help you contact any spirits that may or may not be present.

6. Spirits do not act on command, we only ask them if they would like for us to visit with them and sometimes we get no responses at all.

7. No alcohol, drugs or weapons will be allowed in the hospital at any time.

8. No smoking inside the hospital.

9. Yoakum Police Department will be notified that we are on the property and may join us on our investigations, at their discretion.

10. Keep outside noise to a minimum as the hospital is located in a residential neighborhood and we do not want to disturb the neighbors.

11. If we think you are under the influence we will ask you to leave.

12. We do not conjure, invoke, or summon any spirit, good or evil, we are there to document any activity, if there is any present.

13. We want to show respect to any spirit, if present, and to honor this once great historic landmark in the Yoakum Community.

It will be up to you if you want to believe the hospital is haunted or not. You can follow our progress on our Open House Investigations Facebook page at Old Haunted Yoakum Community Hospital page as you can see any evidence we have or will capture and you can decide for yourself. If you have any questions please contact us and we will do our best to answer you.

Thank You Old Yoakum Hospital Group

Yorktown Hospital Open House Investigation

UPDATE: WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF SETTING UP ANOTHER INVESTIGATION AT YORKTOWN, DATE IS NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS MOMENT. Was Sunday February 17th 2013, The Open House Investigation at Yorktown Memorial Hospital in Yorktown Texas was a success. We plan to hold another one very soon, stay tuned. To reserve a spot please email us at oyhgroup@gmail.com for more information. Due to the overwhelming number of requests we required all persons to donate the $40 online to hold your reservation. We will have a limited number of persons that we can bring. To reserve your spot click here.